Molybdenum Screw

Molybdenum screw standard specification

GB-national standards in one of our many standard, in addition to industry standards, professional standards and department standards. National standard: GB (mandatory standards) and GB / T (Recommended Standard), and GBn (National internal standard). GB30, GB5783, etc. are mandatory standards that we normally see.

Several criteria in addition to some basic dimensions, such as different head on the side of the head thickness, the most important is the threaded portion of different. GB, DIN, JIS, and other threads have is MM (millimeters) as a unit, collectively referred to as a metric thread. Another thread like ANSI, ASME, etc. is known as the American standard thread inches. In addition to the U.S. system of metric thread screw also a BSW-British standards, the thread is in inches, commonly known as the Whitworth thread.

Metric thread is the MM (mm) as a unit, its teeth sharp corners at 60 degrees. US-made threads and imperial threads are in inches. US-made thread tooth cusp is 60 degrees, while the imperial thread dental cusp of 55 degrees. Due to the different units of measurement, resulting in a variety of threads, said a different approach. Such as the M16-2X60 is a metric thread. His meaning is that the Molybdenum Screw nominal diameter 16MM, teeth from 2MM, length 60MM Another example: 1/4-20X3/4 inch threaded the specific meaning of a nominal diameter of the screw 1/4 inches (one inch = 25.4MM), 20 teeth in one inch, 3/4 inches in length. Addition to the US-made screws, then generally in inch screws, followed by UNC and UNF, in order to distinguish the coarse teeth of the US-made or US-made fine tooth.

molybdenum screwmolybdenum screw

The molybdenum screw is a circular rotating use of the inclined plane of the object and the friction of the physics and mathematical principles, step by step fastening implements parts of the tool. The screw is a generic statement of the fastener, the daily spoken language. Screws for industrial necessities: an integral part of daily life such as cameras, glasses, watches, electronics and other used a very small screw; TV, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, general screw; As for engineering, architecture, bridges, using the large screws compared to the size of the screw of the nut; transportation appliance, aircraft, trams, cars and other used. Screw in industry has an important task, as long as on Earth, there are industrial, the function of the screw is always important. The screw is the co-inventor of the lives of thousands of years for people to produce, in accordance with the application field of view, it is human invention.

Screws, some people call it the "screw" screw (screw), "screw (screw rod). In fact, the molybdenum screw is known as, and the screw, the screw rod are each differentiated. The screws are generally called wood screws; front tip of the kind of pitch the larger, generally used for fastening wooden parts, plastic parts. The screw rod machine screw (machine screw), is the kind of front-end flat head.

Molybdenum screw used in construction engineering, industrial production, engine equipment, such as molybdenum screws with a high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to distort, especially more of the application of industrial production, environment production equipment needs to have a high-temperature molybdenum screw so as to ensure the device does not loose at high temperatures, does not fall off, this is a molybdenum screw credit.

For the hexagonal nut, common standards are: GB52, GB6170, GB6172, DIN934, the main difference between them: the thickness than the GB52, GB6172, DIN934 to GB6170 thick, commonly known as the thick nut. The other is the series of the difference between the edge of the M8 nut DIN934, GB6170, GB6172 the right side is than the GB52 1MM smaller side 14MM 13MM, M10 nuts, DIN934 GB52 edge 17MM, than GB6170 and GB6172-edge to 1MM, M12 nut, DIN934, GB52 edge 19MM than GB6170 and GB6172-edge 18MM larger 1MM. M14 nut, DIN934, GB52 edge 22MM than GB6170 and GB6172-edge 21MM larger 1MM. Another is the M22 nut, DIN934, GB52-edge 32MM than GB6170, GB6172 the smaller side 34MM 2MM. (GB6170 and GB6172 in addition to its thickness is not the same as the edge width is exactly the same.

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