Vacuum Furnace with Molybdenum Deep Processing

Vacuum furnace used molybdenum processings are mainly screen, molybdenum plus tropical, molybdenum wire, molybdenum bolt and screw cap. Resistance heating vacuum furnace heating materials mainly depends on the temperature, atmosphere conditions, Furthermore, we need to consider whether the object to be heated reaction.

  <1100℃ 1100℃-1600℃ >1600℃
air、O2 iron chrome aluminum Molybdenum disilicide, silicon carbide  
Vacuum, inert gas Nickel-chromium, iron, chromium, aluminum, graphite Mo, graphite Graphite, tungsten, tantalum

Insulation material of the heating chamber is mainly based on the heater material selection, metal heater with a metal reflector screen, non-metallic heater with the corresponding non-metallic insulation layer.

vacuum furnace mo part

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