Silicon Molybdenum Yellow Spectrophotometry

silicon molybdenum yellow spectrophotometry test pattern picture

Silicon molybdenum yellow spectrophotometry measuring principle are as following, in an acidic environment, ammonium molybdate can react with silica in the water to obtain yellow soluble silicon molybdenum heteropolyacid compound. In a certain concentration range, the silica concentration is proportional to the color of solution. To measure its absorbance and to analyze the silicon standard curve can measure the concentration of silica.

There are many methods for silica determination, such as atomic absorption spectrophotometry, gravimetric method and visible spectrophotometry, and the commonly measurement method is visible spectrophotometry. Visible spectrophotometry can be divided into silicon molybdenum yellow spectrophotometry and silicomolybclenumblue method.

To compare these two methods found, silicomolybclenumblue method operation steps are more complex than silicon molybdenum yellow spectrophotometry method, so the operation time is longer.

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