Molybdenum forming Methods - Hot Isostatic Pressing

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Hot isostatic pressing is one of molybdenum forming methods. High temperature hot isostatic includes pressing and sintering process, due to the inert gas or molten metal pressure to establish medium effect used for high density and large product refractory metal production.

The preparation processes are generally as follows, to put the powder compact into high-pressure container of hot isostatic pressing, while subject to high temperature and all round high pressure effect, to strength pressing and sintering, to reduce sintering temperature, so the grain structure of the product is improved and the defects and porosities between the particles are eliminated, which great improve the density and strength of the material. Its principle is basically the same with the hot-pressing method, but the density is higher and grain is finer, having better performance.

HIP has become a modern powder metallurgy technology in large complex switch products and high-performance materials, an advanced technology. Product produced by hot isostatic has high density than hot-pressing method produced, especially for molybdenum metal production.

Hot isostatic pressing and hot-pressing method comparison:

Products Pressing temperature,℃ Pressing pressure ,kg/cm2 Density, %
HIP hot-pressing HIP hot-pressing HIP hot-pressing
Steel 1000 1100 994 100 99.90 99.40
Molybdenum 1350 1700 994 280 99.8 90.00
Tungsten 1485~1590 2100~2200 700~1400 280 99.0 96~98.00
Carbide 1350 1410 994 280 99.999 99.00
Zirconia 1350 1700 1490 280 99.90 98.00
graphite 1595~2315 3000 700~1050 300 93.5~98.00 89~93.00

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