Molybdenum Applications

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Molybdenum applications are widely, mainly used in iron and steel industry. According to statistics from 1985 to 1986, the consumption proportion of molybdenum is 43% ~ 44% for alloy steel, 22% ~ 23% for stainless steel, 8% for tool steel and 6% for cast steel, 3% for super-alloy, 6% for molybdenum metal, 10% for molybdenum chemicals, the other 1%. Metal molybdenum, molybdenum alloys and molybdenum compounds are widely used in many areas of modern technology. The most important products used in the industry are as follows:

Iron and steel industry: Molybdenum mainly as steel additive, so that the steel has uniform microcrystalline structure, which not only can reduce the eutectoid decomposition temperature, expand the heat treatment temperature range and quenching depth, but also improve its hardness and toughness, creep resistance. Added molybdenum iron can make pig iron to alloying, can make iron grain refinement, but also can improve its high temperature performance, wear resistance and acid resistance. As the metal additives in steel industry has molybdenum bars, molybdenum iron and calcium molybdate. Typically, the steel contains less than 1% molybdenum usually use industrial molybdenum oxide lump. When the steel content of molybdenum is higher than 1%, commonly use ferro molybdenum. Heat-resistant alloys and corrosion-resistant alloys are added 1% ~ 20% molybdenum and molybdenum content is higher, the better the high temperature corrosion resistance.

Metal pressure processing industry: Molybdenum alloy piercing is an important tool for puncture stainless steel and added molybdenum mould can be used to process copper, aluminum and other material.
Electric light source and electric vacuum industry: Molybdenum melting temperature is very high, and at high temperatures can also maintain good strength and good electrical conductivity, so it is widely used in the electric light source and the vacuum industry, such as the hook in the light bulbs for supporting tungsten wire, the grid electrode of electronic valve, launch tube and rectifier tube cathode, the conductive rod encapsulated in the quartz glass, car lights reflector and so on. Molybdenum products used in this field usually include molybdenum rod, molybdenum wire, high temperature molybdenum wire, molybdenum plate and molybdenum foil band and so on.

Metallurgical industry: It can be made into heating element for high-temperature furnace, support frame structure member, heat shield and high-temperature vessels and tungsten wire and molybdenum wire can also be used for thermocouple. Molybdenum products used in this field usually include molybdenum wire, high temperature molybdenum wire, TZM structural material, boat, crucible, thermowell, molybdenum plate and molybdenum strip, silicon molybdenum rods and so on.

Building materials industry: In the building materials industry molybdenum can replace platinum to produce molybdenum electrode rod and flow port for aluminum silicate fiber avant-garde and production and plate molybdenum electrode for glass fiber production.

Mechanical industry: Mechanical parts coated with a layer of molybdenum can enhance its wear resistance, such as used in piston ring of internal combustion engine cylinder and automobile gear and so on. Molybdenum disulfide lubricity is better than graphite, which has good performance at -45 ~ 400 ℃. The molybdenum products used in this field usually include molybdenum powder sprayed, molybdenum wire sprayed, and molybdenum disulfide and molybdenum diselenide.

Aerospace, military industry: It is used for rockets, missile components production, such as nozzles, engine gas wheel, ramjet engine nozzle, flame guide and combustion chamber. Molybdenum and molybdenum alloys are widely used as combustion chamber and throat tube sleeves in liquid fuel rocket engines. In particular, spacecraft launch and return through the atmosphere has fast speed and the parts exposure to air has high temperature 1482 ~ 1646 ℃, so usually use molybdenum as raw material for skin, nozzle, flame baffle, airfoil and guide vanes production.

Nuclear plants: Molybdenum has small thermal neutron capture cross-section and long-lasting strength, so it has good stability of nuclear fuel and can resistance to liquid metal corrosion, so it is used as structural materials for nuclear reactor, such as heat shield.

Chemical, textile industry: molybdate can be reduced to molybdenum blue, so the molybdenum compounds can be used for silk, wool, cotton fabric and fur dye, so that sodium molybdate usually used for of dyes and varnishes production. Molybdenum yellow contains 1% ~ 10% molybdenum has non-toxic, bright, anti-aging and other characteristics, so it can be used as a good pigment. Molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum dioxide, ammonium paramolybdate and molybdenum trisulfide can be used as catalysts in the chemical and petroleum industries. Barium molybdate is mainly as sealant used in enamel products and it also can use for oil refining desulphurize purification. Molybdenum compounds can also be used as flame retardants and smoke suppressants.

Agriculture: Trace molybdenum powder can stimulate plant growth, especially for legumes.

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