Molybdenum Forming Methods - Metal Injection Molding

Molybdenum forming methods - metal injection molding (MIM) is a method of manufacturing small precision molybdenum parts. MIM developed form traditional powder metallurgy technology, is a small branch of powder metallurgy technology. MIM basic process is: metal powder and polymer binder - mixing - granulation - injection molding - exclude binder - sintering.

molybdenum alloy picturemetal injection molding picture

The metal injection molding is to use axial compressive force to press the mixed powder in a steel mold, and then after compact released and then sintered. During the sintering process, the compact is heated in a reductive atmosphere to melting temperature of the main component, to make adjacent particles are mutually diffused and adhered to each other, thereby improving the mechanical properties of compact. This method can be used to produce complex compacts, and has been applied to mass production. However, it has limitation on compact shapes, because the compact must be out of the cavity, therefore, with the groove which is perpendicular pressing direction to and the parts has boss will not be directly manufactured. In addition, after the injection molding compact contains more than 50% binder, so after sintered the compact volume will great shrink. In order to ensure the shape and size after shrinkage, it has great requirement on the binder and raw materials.

MIM can be used for all the metal powder except for aluminum, and it is not required to be cut, thereby saving the raw material.

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