Stamping Molybdenum Crucible

Rare earth high temperature molybdenum plate is based on molybdenum, doped with small amount of rare earth elements, through powder metallurgy method to produce. Compared to pure molybdenum plate, it has better mechanical properties and high temperature properties and the manufacturing processes are as follows:
1. Molybdenum dioxide as raw material, doped with lanthanum nitrate solution, through electric furnace at 850 ~ 1000 ℃ in hydrogen atmosphere reduction to obtain 0.6% La2O3-Mo alloy powder having an average particle size of Fisher 2 ~ 3um.
2. The powder after isostatic pressing to sinter can obtain high temperature molybdenum plate.
3. Molybdenum plate after cogging, to process hot-rolled and cross commutation warm rolling can obtain a sheet having a thickness of 1.00mm and the total deformation rate is 95%.

Rare earth molybdenum plate after 1700 ℃ annealing still has excellent room temperature plasticity and toughness, 1800 ~ 2000 ℃ annealing, room temperature plasticity and toughness has slight decreased. Molybdenum plate after 1100 ℃ annealing has good room temperature toughness, but the toughness is lower than rare earth molybdenum plate, and after 1200 ℃ annealing has obvious room temperature brittle.

RE molybdenum plate has higher recrystallization temperature and the end of the recrystallization temperature is 1700℃, but the end of recrystallization temperature of pure molybdenum is 1100 ℃, and after 1200 ℃ annealing, the recrystallization grains grows rapidly.

RE molybdenum plate has different structure with molybdenum plate, so that it has excellent room temperature toughness after high temperature annealing. After annealing at 1800 ℃, since the crystal grains grew up together, dispersoid particle relatively decentralized, dislocation density reduced, resulting in reducing the aspect ratio of the grains, so the room temperature toughness is decrease.

molybdenum crucible image molybdenum crucible image

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