Molybdenum Box

Molybdenum box has good high temperature performance, thermal conductivity properties and corrosion resistance, commonly used in high temperature conditions, primarily as containers for high-temperature sintering tungsten oxide. In addition to as sintering tungsten oxide vessels, it is widely used in gold plating, evaporator, tube mirror, heated vessel, electron beam painting, household appliances shell, mobile phones, toys, decorations and other tracking and vacuum coating industries and sintering furnace or vacuum annealing boat industry. Under vacuum or dry conditions, molybdenum boat both ends connect with wires, power on, low melting point metal is putted in the middle of the recess, until the temperature rises to 2000 ℃, the metal will evaporate into gas to plate on the above workpiece. According to the different processing methods molybdenum box can be divided into sintered, riveted, and stamping molybdenum box.

molybdenum boat picturemolybdenum boat picture

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