Molybdenum Crucible Applications

molybdenum crucible picture

Molybdenum crucible applications are widely, due to has high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance and other good properties, often widely used in metallurgical industry, rare earth industry, monocrystalline silicon, solar energy, artificial crystal and mechanical processing industries.

Molybdenum crucible melting point can up to 2610 ℃, so often as the core container widely used in sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, rare earth smelting furnace and other industrial furnace, the operation temperature is generally above 2000 ℃. Currently, LED industry, has rapid development and single-crystal sapphire has a larger market, which has expanded the amount of molybdenum crucible application. With high purity, high density, crack-free, precise size, smooth inner and outer walls and other characteristics of molybdenum crucibles can produce high quality sapphire crystal.

Molybdenum crucible usually uses molybdenum powder as raw material, after cold isostatic pressing, sintering used circulating water for intermediate frequency sintering furnace cooling about 9-10 hours, and then took out molybdenum rod. After heated at muffle furnace uses impact force 1000 kg air hammer to forge molybdenum rod for 30-40 times, and then machining to form groove and turning and finishing the end face, so that molybdenum crucible surface roughness can reach Ra1.6 -Ra3.2μm.

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