Molybdenum Fabricated Parts

Furnace Components
Many high temperature industrial furnaces use (moly) molybdenum components for such things as elements, element supports, power terminators, and process fixtures. Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) construction requires shells fabricated from molybdenum sheets. These are used to support the heating elements, and may also act as shielding. Likewise, flat heating elements made from moly sheet are used in vacuum and hydrogen furnaces. Heat shielding and other furnace components and structures help round out the use of moly in the furnace industry.

molybdenum parts

Electronic & Semiconductor Components Silicon wafer processing relies on the use of ion implantation systems which inject ions at high energy directly into silicon wafer surfaces. The ion plasma source is energized via tungsten electrodes which operate within fabricated tungsten arc chamber.

Lamp Components
The use of molybdenum in the form of leads and supports has historically been central to the success of the lighting industry, along with the core tungsten components. Cut, welded and formed molybdenum and tungsten wire and rod parts are essential for the production of economical glass-to-metal sealed parts in lamp construction. For certain high intensity discharge lamps, anodes and cathodes are machined from molybdenum and tungsten rod.

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