Nickel Molybdenum Mine

1 Unit Process Technology

1.1 Mineral decomposition

After careful analysis of low-grade nickel ore chemical composition and physical properties of molybdenum based on the phase composition, focus on the decomposition of alkaline reagent on fossil effects, including NaClO + NaOH direct decomposition; minerals calcined by oxidation with NaOH decomposition; using Na  2CO  3 leaching mineral water before roasting decomposition method. China Nonferrous network. Several methods have achieved such good results, and has been used in industrial practice. China Nonferrous network. With an alkaline reagent to decompose low-grade nickel-molybdenum minerals, highlighting the advantage of a higher leaching rate of molybdenum, and nickel-metal left in the leaching residue, nickel-molybdenum can be completely separated.

1.2 molybdenum enrichment and transformation

Low-grade molybdenum mineral decomposition solution is characterized by the molybdenum concentration is not high, and the corresponding high impurity content, in order to effectively recover the molybdenum, molybdenum enrichment must be the best and most able to simultaneously achieve molybdenum separation of impurities.
  We used in the production practice adsorption of molybdenum from acidic media technology, alkaline leaching solution adjusted to pH 3-4, using macroporous weakly basic resin, molybdenum ions and impurities with multi-ions are adsorbed, the biggest advantage is that the resin molybdenum high adsorption capacity, by screening out the best performance of the domestic resin, adsorption capacity of molybdenum can reach 140 mg / mL or more, and adsorption properties of stable molybdenum parsing easy, using ammonia as analytical agent, can obtain high concentrations of ammonium molybdate solution. China Nonferrous network.

The downside is that this method is P, As, Si and Mo is adsorbed together into the stripping solution, you must set a single purification step. China Nonferrous network. Parsing, the exothermic reaction increases the local temperature of the resin layer, the resin which are potentially dangerous, and the pH value lower resolution, a crystal precipitation and cause obstruction. China Nonferrous network.
We practice in the production concentration by adjusting the resolution, the resolution process at different times using different analytical agent flow solves this problem.

1.3 Impurity

As mentioned above, the molybdenum ion-exchange process, P, As, Si and other impurities in the form of molybdenum heteropoly acid radicals adsorbed by the resin, resolution, together with the molybdenum solution into the analysis, and has a very high concentration, single purification step must be set in order to ensure the quality molybdenum products. China Nonferrous network. We succeeded in purifying a solution of ammonium tungstate magnesium ammonium molybdate solution method introduces removed from P, As, Si, received the ideal impurity effect. China Nonferrous network.
 The key technology is the preset value of the pH, the amount of magnesium ammonium reagent and adding speed, final pH of the solution control. China Nonferrous network. Years of production practice has proved that the technology can meet the high impurity molybdate solution from the production of high purity ammonium requirements.

1.4 molybdenum vanadium separation

Vanadium and molybdenum more similar nature, various types of low-grade molybdenum and molybdenum-based mineral waste catalyst, contain a certain amount of vanadium. China Nonferrous network. Alkaline decomposition of molybdenum minerals and ion exchange enrichment of molybdenum, vanadium and molybdenum always go hand in hand. China Nonferrous network. Vanadium and molybdenum products are harmful impurities, more ammonium containing a small amount of vanadium, the appearance of a pale yellow, can be identified visually, and vanadium itself is necessary for recycling of valuable metals. China Nonferrous network. Therefore, the production process of molybdenum do separating and effective recovery of molybdenum vanadium Vanadium is very important. China Nonferrous network.
  In the presence of a salt, ammonium metavanadate vanadium can be from pH 7.0 ~ 9.0 in the form of molybdate solution is crystallized and separating molybdenum. China Nonferrous network. Molybdenum ion exchange enrichment process for the initial separation of vanadium creates prerequisites parse the resulting ammonium molybdate solution, without special treatment, standing for some time, vanadium can be crystallized in the form of ammonium metavanadate, reaching preliminary molybdenum vanadium separation, and can be recovered from the sediment concentration of vanadium. China Nonferrous network. After preliminary purification ammonium molybdate solution V2O5 content can be reduced 0.3 g / L and down. China Nonferrous network. To obtain a high-purity ammonium products must be separated molybdenum vanadium depth.

1.5 In addition to the depth of tungsten

From the high concentration of molybdate in the removal of trace Tungsten is a technical problem, although the widespread concern over the years there are few proven technology used in industrial practice. China Nonferrous network. With the tungsten content of molybdenum products for increasingly stringent requirements, manufacturers have an urgent requirement of this technology, science and technology workers in this field more and more, also achieved some results.

1.6 acid precipitation liquor treatment

Currently, the production of large quantities of ammonium acid precipitation liquor are recovered by ion exchange molybdenum and directly wastewater discharge. China Nonferrous network. The mother liquor contained in the number of NH 4NO 3 has not been recycled. China Nonferrous network. Only a waste of resources, but also caused environmental pollution. China Nonferrous network. Central South University dilute patented technologies provided by the rule, in order to solve this problem provides a reliable way. China Nonferrous network.
 Specific practices are: acid precipitation liquor adjust the pH to about 7.0, with the recovery of molybdenum ion exchange method, carried out by electrodialysis desalination and concentration of freshwater reuse, the concentration of water containing NH 4NO3 evaporation to the proportion of 1.20 ~ 1.40 g/cm3 after adding gypsum powder, slurry by 120 ~ 200 ℃ centrifugal spray drying, production of agricultural fertilizer, fertilizer samples prepared from nitrogen-known not only high, but also contains a small amount of molybdenum, can be used as raw material for compound fertilizer with trace elements.

Two low-grade polymetallic ore production of high purity ammonium molybdenum whole process of industrial practice

Central South University dilute the rule of the development and application of high-purity ammonium production process is shown in Figure 1. China Nonferrous network. Processes include grinding, mineral decomposition and liquid-solid separation, pretreatment solution containing molybdenum, ion exchange, crystallization except vanadium, purification except P, As, Si, a sink in and molybdenum, and more re-dissolved ammonium exchange in addition to vanadium (wolfram), molybdenum and other secondary Shen steps.
 Figure 1 Flow chart prepared in high purity ammonium
  The process has the following characteristics:
  a. variety of low-grade molybdenum-containing raw materials are processed;
 b. process due to the introduction of ion exchange technology, while filtering out fine resin has high adsorption capacity, and thus the process of molybdenum enrichment factor is high, and thus, regardless of raw materials, in addition to mineral decomposition slightly different, but can be united in the same processes carried out, is very convenient;
 c. The process in the recovery of valuable elements in minerals Mo, Ni, while also effectively enriched recycle V. China Nonferrous network. Mo-containing approximately 6% of the Ni-containing mineral is about 3%, Mo, and Ni recovery rate can reach 90% and 98%;
 d. The process contains multiple patented technologies, especially molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium and molybdenum separation technology separation technology, to ensure that the advanced nature of the process and product quality;
 e. using the technology, various materials can be prepared GB an ammonium products. China Nonferrous network. Table 1 shows some domestic manufacturers to adopt the technology, the subject of ammonium and national results compared.
 At present, the application of the technology developed by nickel-molybdenum and molybdenum processing ferroalloy plant has reached 8.

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