Molybdenum Disulfide Production Methods

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) production methods mainly include natural and chemical synthesis.

Natural method
molybdenum disulfide pictureNatural method is also called as molybdenum concentrate purification method, which is a method of removing high-quality molybdenum concentrates through physical and chemical action, removing impurities such as acid insoluble substances, SiO2, Fe, Cu, Ca, And further refined to obtain nano-MoS2. Nano-MoS2 prepared by this method can maintain the natural MoS2 crystal form, and has good lubricating performance and is suitable for making lubricant. However, the purity of nano-MoS2 produced by natural method is not high, and the purification technology needs to be further improved. When the temperature is below 400 ℃, it is suitable for using natural method to manufacture MoS2. In addition, it has perfect performance in lubricating, which can reduce the costs.

Chemical synthesis
Chemical synthetic method can produce high purity, small impurities, small size of the sulfide, which can meet the different needs of the preparation of sulfide, so the synthesis of nano-sulfide production has been of great concern. There are many methods for preparing nano-MoS2 by chemical synthesis, such as thermal decomposition of ammonium thiosulfate molybdate, hydrogen sulfide or sulfur vapor reduction, high energy ball milling, carbon nano-tube space confinement, hydrothermal synthesis, high energy physics and chemical methods. In general, there are two preparation methods, which can directly reacts the molybdenum source with the sulfur source to obtain the nano-MoS2, or react the molybdenum source with the sulfur source to obtain the precursor, and then decompose or reduce the precursor into MoS2 by means of appropriate methods.

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