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Molybdenum Copper

cuivre molybdène

Molybdenum Copper is an excellent alternative to copper tungsten for weight sensitive applications. The combination of high purity raw materials and high temperature hydrogen sintering uses no additives offers the highest thermal conductivity of this system of composite materials.

Advantages of copper molybdenum:

40% lighter than comparable copper tungsten composites

High thermal conductivity of this material system

thermal and mechanical properties of isotropic

thermal expansion measure

Requires no expensive tools

high precision machined to print customer

Coating and metallizing


Molybdenum-copper heatsink

Cuivre Molybdène des dissipateurs de chaleurCuivre Molybdène des dissipateurs de chaleur

heatsink is a copper-molybdenum composites containing Mo and Cu, similar to Cu-W, Cu-Mo may CTE also be customized by adjusting the composition. But Mo Cu is much lighter than the W-Cu, so it is more suitable for air and space applications.


A high heat conductivity due to the lack of sintering additives employed;

Excellent density;

relatively low density

available stampable sheet (content of Mo is not more than 75% by weight)

Semi-finished or finished (Ni / Au plated) parts available

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: sales@xiamentungsten.comor call: 5129 696 86,592th

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