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Produkcja molibdenu żelaza procesie wielkopiecowym

Raw materials

Molybdenum is a cooked main raw material for production of molybdenum is molybdenum in the molybdenum source of iron, in addition to other requirements of high grade, the impurities have strict requirements. General composition: Mo48% -52%, S ≤ 0.065%, P ≤ 0.023%, Cu ≤ 0.30%, SiO28% -14%, Pb0.2% -0.5%. Size no larger than 20mm ,10-20mm size not greater than 20% of the total.

75% ferrosilicon ferrosilicon powder by crushing, milling the powder raw material used to restore the mature molybdenum, iron scale and other oxides. Ferrosilicon powder before use must be accurate silicon, aluminum content analysis, silicon content of 75% -77% requirements, size requirements are :1.0-1 .8 mm less than 1% ,0.5-1 .0 mm particle size of not more than 10%, the rest is 0.5mm or less. Too much size increase caused by molybdenum silicon, the use of high silicon content results of ferrosilicon powder silicon content lower than the good.

Aluminum aluminum particles have a precise calculation of the amount of ingredients as a basis, the size requirements in the 3mm or less. Particle size is too small, the production of unsafe; too large, the adverse reaction of smelting. The amount of aluminum particles with addition of molybdenum according to the temperature of cooked, containing molybdenum content, the production scale, the temperature conditions, and generally with each batch of material into the 5-8kg.

Iron scale is rolling, forging the iron oxide skin, and the smelting of the oxidant flux. Smelting reaction in about 30% into the alloy, is one of the sources of iron alloys; about 70% of the iron scale in the form of FeO into the slag, slag from the dilution effect. The requirements of the iron scale: Fe ≥ 68%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.035%, C ≤ 0.30%, Cu ≤ 0.1%. Iron scale heat and dry before use to remove moisture and oil, can also be used in the production of iron ore, but the high sulfur iron ore, now China has been rarely used.

Steel scrap is the main source of iron alloy, requiring more than 98% iron, steel scrap carbon steel for general use.

Fluorite particle size should be 20mm below the heat and dry before use, remove the water, fluorite CaF ≥ 90%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.05%, before use. With addition of fluorspar in the charge depends on the actual situation and the maturity of slag in the SiO2 content of molybdenum, generally with the amount of each batch of material into 2-3kg.

Saltpeter is sodium nitrate, when cooked with a low molybdenum molybdenum, often because lack of oxygen, reducing agent can not pay more, which leads to charge low heat, heat can make saltpeter for the agent, each batch of material with addition of 1-3kg .

Burden calculation

Calculation conditions

(1) 100kg cooked calculated on the basis of molybdenum ore, saying that it is a group of materials.

(2) cooked molybdenum containing 52% Mo, to produce molybdenum alloy containing Mo60%.

(3) ferrosilicon powder containing Si76%, Al2%, Fe21%.

4) iron scale in the Fe3O4 content of 95%.

(5) steel scrap containing Fe98%.

(6) According to the charge and technological conditions, determine the charge added to each batch of iron scale 20kg, nitrate 3kg, fluorite 2kg, with Al99% of the aluminum particles 6kg.

(7) cooked to MoO3 molybdenum mine in the presence of molybdenum, and 100% reduction, and other oxide reduction not be considered.

(8), 30% iron scale iron into the alloy, 70% of FeO in the form into the furnace.

(9) nitrate containing NaNO399%.

(10) heat charge of not less than 2300kJ/kg.






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