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Rozcieńczonym ekstraktu kwasowego z molibdenu Molibden Rud i metody soli niklu
Kwasem i utleniaczem bezpośrednio na niklu rudy molibdenu symbiotycznej procesu soli niklu metodą ługowania molibdenu, rudy niklu zostanie zgnieciony frezowanie molibdenu, a następnie użyć kwasu i wypłukiwanie utleniacza, filtrację, ekstrakcję i wydobywanie z powrotem przez molibdenian amonu, roztwór rafinatu, a następnie uzyskać przez odprowadzenia i tyłu siarczanu niklu, a pozostałość otrzymaną po odparowaniu siarczanu amonu przez produkt. Rudy molibdenu 4,0% do 8,0%, w produkty niklu 2,5% do 4,0%, 23% siarki. Wynalazek całkowity odzysk niklu, molibdenu były 90%, 94%, proste urządzenia, łatwa obsługa, brak odpadów, dobre ekonomiczne zwraca.

Wet decomposition of Ni-Mo Mo ore extraction process
Wet decomposition of nickel molybdenum molybdenum ore extraction process, using the alkaline solution as the leaching solution by the fine grinding of nickel-molybdenum ore after leaching, the leaching process of adding to the slurry of air, oxygen-enriched air or oxygen. Leaching of molybdenum disulfide to react with oxygen gradually transformed into a solution of sodium molybdate, nickel, vanadium contained molybdenum, tungsten, and also into the solution, while the sulfur into sulfur-containing anions such as sulfate, sulfite, nickel, copper and other valuable metals and iron remain in the residue can be further used to extract nickel, copper. The invention at atmospheric pressure conditions, the use of oxygen in the decomposition of Ni-Mo ore metals molybdenum molybdenum mineral extraction process is simple, equipment manufacturing requirements are relatively low, low cost reagent, decomposition rate, does not produce environmental pollution.

A combination of nickel-molybdenum ore dressing and smelting of nickel, molybdenum separation
Mechanical dressing of the invention and the combination of low temperature selective reduction method for separation of molybdenum in the nickel-nickel-molybdenum. Nickel-molybdenum mine in about 2% nickel, containing about 2% molybdenum, is recognized as refractory minerals. The invention re-election, roughly divided, selective inhibition of molybdenum and nickel-floating Reduction of low-temperature fire, a combination of nickel-rich nickel-molybdenum enrichment and separation technology, will be two kinds of charge, that one is up to 11% molybdenum, about 2% nickel, the other is about 3% of molybdenum, nickel up to 8% of the burden, and it can be used directly in charge of two nickel-iron alloy or nickel smelting molybdenum molybdenum iron alloy. The process was welcomed by the township and village enterprises.

With a weak base from Molybdenum Ore Molybdenum and nickel salt extraction method
With a weak base and a nickel-molybdenum co-oxidants on the preparation of molybdenum ore direct leaching process nickel salt method, Molybdenum Ore crushed ore milling,, Then use the weak base and oxidizer leaching, filtration, ammonia, ammonium Preparation of extraction solution, raffinate solution and then get through the processes of evaporation of nickel sulfate. Molybdenum ore grade of 4.0% to 8.0%, nickel products at 2.5% to 4.0%, sulfur 23%.Prepared by the molybdenum, nickel, total recoveries were 80%, 88% or more, simple equipment, easy operation, no waste, good economic returns.

Molybdenum Nickel comprehensive treatment methods
The present invention discloses a nickel molybdenum comprehensive treatment methods, to solve the technical problem is to nickel-zinc, copper and molybdenum leaching of lead have a high rate of utilization of carbon molybdenum nickel ore valuable components. The invention includes the following steps: ore ground to 100-400 mesh material, prepreg, and finally dip, and finally leaching residue processing, pre-extract separation. Compared with the existing technology of the invention, integrated high recovery of nickel molybdenum leaching rate of 99%, 96% of other non-ferrous metals, to avoid the separation of price components in the course of the subsequent loss of pre-immersion in the closed loop process to eliminate waste water discharge and low-technology requirements of the equipment, the use of low-cost chemical raw materials, process conditions are mild, low cost. Meanwhile, eliminating the traditional high temperature and pressure operating potential safety problems, mechanization of the production process is easy to implement.

A nickel molybdenum molybdenum nickel extraction method for all wet
One kind of extraction of molybdenum Molybdenum Nickel Nickel all wet method involves a non-ferrous hydrometallurgy, particularly molybdenum nickel black shale extraction of molybdenum nickel all wet method. The feature extraction process in its Molybdenum Ground pressure oxidative leaching of nickel ore were obtained with nickel and nickel-molybdenum oxide leachate and the leaching residue containing molybdenum; Then liquid extraction of molybdenum leaching of nickel, production of nickel salt and ammonium or molybdenum trioxide; Molybdenum leaching residue will be pressure in the alkali leaching, purification, and then be recycled and acid molybdate. Method of the present invention nickel-molybdenum high recovery rate, low cost, environmentally friendly production process.

Ammonia leaching of hyperbaric oxygen extraction from stone coal technology and separation of nickel molybdenum
Ammonia leaching of hyperbaric oxygen extraction from stone coal and separation of nickel-molybdenum in the process, the original minerals ground into powder, immersed in ammonia solution, the reaction leads to oxygen pressure in the 1.5mPa ~ 3.0mPa, reaction after filtration, after ammonia dissolved by acid base solution, Then isolated by extracting the organic phase containing molybdenum, nickel-containing water phase, respectively, until purification. Compared with the existing process, the process greatly reduce environmental pollution and improve the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, high recovery of valuable metals, high purity. The semi-industrial trials to test the nickel-molybdenum recovery rate of 90% or more.

Efficient of a nickel molybdenum ore beneficiation technology
The present invention provides a high-performance nickel-molybdenum ore beneficiation technology. Technical solution of the invention are: the introduction of thermal field, strong physical intensity ultrasound or microwave pretreatment of the ore field decarbonization, adding efficient activator activation of nickel, molybdenum, re-use kerosene or xanthate collector. Technical treatment of the present invention 0.5 to 2% of the low-grade nickel-molybdenum, nickel-molybdenum grade can be 5 to 8%. Recovery was more than 75% of the Ni-Mo mixed concentrate, fully meet the joint process as dressing and smelting metallurgy raw materials requirements, provides a new approach for the efficient use of the black rock series of refractory nickel molybdenum resources.

Molybdenum nickel ore leaching ripening concentrated acid solvent extraction process depolymerization
A field of chemical metallurgy molybdenum nickel ore leaching ripening concentrated acid solvent extraction method for depolymerization. Sulfuric acid method using an efficient and unique solution dip cooked together, the combination of extraction separation of molybdenum and nickel-effective way to obtain high separation of fast economic and technological indicators and efficiency. Products obtained in the ammonium or molybdenum trioxide can be added for a variety of advanced alloy elements, trace elements in crops and human needs; alloy steel and nickel ammonium sulfate can be used as magnetic materials, reagents and for analysis electroplating industry.

 A high-carbon molybdenum nickel ore beneficiation methods
The present invention relates to a stainless steel carrier for preparation of the composite catalyst, the catalyst preparation process technology. Catalyst of the invention by the intended boehmite, γ-Al2O3, whose activity group was divided into NiO, La2O3 and LiO mixed oxide; major way by dipping or coating on stainless steel substrate carrier. Stainless steel catalyst loadings between 20-40%; the prepared complex between the catalyst and stainless steel combination of solid, has good adhesion and thermal stability of the catalyst and catalytic properties are good. Composite catalyst of the invention in the automotive emission purification, partial oxidation reforming of methane to synthesis gas and fuel cells has broad application prospects.





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