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Stranded Molybdenum Wire

Stranded molybdenum wire, molybdenum rod, , molybdenum products, most manufacturers are still using the traditional process for the production swaging cogging - stretch processing.
There are two methods for molybdenum wire through mechanical or manua, which molybdenum wire cutted according to the needs of commodity requirements, it could be a large wire cutter, small wire cutter and a long twisted wire with different specifications.
Wire cutter, wire piece sets the hook of the wire cutter on the package tight, smoothed, straightened, and then with the mechanical power to make twisted wire hook to rotate a certain number of laps. Serve as a distorted twist twist wire removed.


stranded mo wire

 If you have any interest in stranded molybdenum wire, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone:86 592 512 9696.

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